Curation Capital

Curation Capital is a London-based vertically integrated real estate investment manager.

Curation invests in and manages Student Accommodation, Coliving, Private Residential and Flexible Office Space. Curation works with family offices and institutional investors to curate and add significant value to investment portfolios by partnering with best-in-class development, construction, operating and asset management teams.


Proven ability to source, execute and
operate assets.

A team with complimentary skill sets
that have invested into and operate
both student and co-living assets.


Integration across asset management,
operations, and development
functions gives Curation full control of
successfully driving value in the smaller
asset segment of the market.

Ownership of the full value chain
allows Curation to move quickly and
accurately predict and control both
revenues and costs.


Perfect storm currently as a number of
foreign students and students studying
outside of home cities in the UK are
increasing, and universities are moving
away from wanting to provide student
housing as this is seen as being
outside their area of expertise.

Restrictive planning controls and a lack
of affordable housing solutions has led
to a major supply imbalance for renters
in London. Institutionally managed and
operated purpose-built products allow
for a rising number of highly skilled
and educated people to live and work
in these key urban areas. Through coliving, tenants are able to pay less rent by trading private space for more and better shared communal space.

Investment Portfolio

To date Curation Capital have made
investments into seven UK towns and
cities across the living sector.

London in Colour

Bermondsey, London

Camden property in colour

Camden, London

Clydesdale House, Manchester in Colour

Clydesdale House, Manchester

Holgate Road in Colour

Holgate Road, York

Tamarillo House, Bristol in Colour

Tamarillo House, Bristol

Stonebridge House, Bristol in Colour

Stonebridge House, Bristol

Royal Park Road, Leeds in Colour

Royal Park Road, Leeds

82 Hyde Park Road, Leeds in Colour

Hyde Park Road, Leeds

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